Fun Of Card-Making

Card is a written format of one’s creativity that explains the inner feelings of the heart. The art of card making is a boon for introverts who find difficulty in expressing their emotions verbally. Card making is a process of delivering important content right from the bottom of your heart to the paper. This process involves a lot of joy and fun when one thinks out of the box to convey their thoughts.

The art of card making is a part of academic curriculum these days under the name of Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW). Such work must not be performed mechanically but must include planning, analysis and detailed preparation at every stage. This practice also relieves stress to students as this activity is something to do with heart rather than brain that is being occupied with academic subjects.

The funniest thing is the caricatures that kids of pre-primary school make on the cards before any celebration, be it Dusserah, Diwali, Rakshabandhan and anyother occasion like friend’s birthday. It is the hobby of kids to make cards for celebration at home or in school. The card comes out to be the best when one tries to put in their whole effort. It is fun when card making is done in groups by taking numerous ideas from each and every child. Children are the most creative artists as their perceptions are as pure as snow and are cherished by everyone. Kids find it  overwhelming to prepare new year greeting cards and Christmas cards as well. Some of them buy cards in the stores nearby and distribute to their friends and family. Kids have fun while writing the salutations and from address before distributing the greeting cards.

Wedding cards are a part of our tradition though there are e-cards. It is more heart warming when the wedding cards are distributed personally one to one which shows more impact on our accquaintaces to attend the wedding. It is a ritual in south India to take the first wedding card to the temple for God’s blessings and then start distributing to friends and family. The wedding cards are decorated naturally with turmeric and kumkum which shows the piousness of the wedding. Some of them laminate the wedding card which remains as a memory for lifetime. The wedding card also navigates anyone easily to the venue and high profile people’s wedding is accessible only if their wedding card is shown at the entrance gate.

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