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All About E-Cards

E-cards, icard, i-card, digital postcard, cyber greeting card or digital greeting card  are the various names of an electronic greeting card. It is a postcard created and customized through a website and sent through internet. It can be an invitationfor occasions like weddings, wedding related functions, birthdays, baby showers or any other event. It makes the work quicker than the traditional method of sending an invitation and also reduces the cost incurred to a huge extent. It is an eco-friendly and great idea to go green and reduce the use of paper thus decreasing deforestation. It is time and pocket friendly along with an eco-friendly approach.

E- Invites are replacing physical invitation cards and it is trendy and greatly preferred among the youth, because of it being eco-friendly and pocket friendly. It is better to send a physical invitation to the people who are not technical in using electronic devices, thus an e invitation is preferred mostly by the younger generation. The list of advantages in an E-invitation is endless but the traditional personal invitation cards can never be replaced because the feeling one gets in handing over one’s invite is very sentimental and priceless, that cannot be replaced by any new approach.

Types of e-invitations are-

Classification on the basis of designs

  1. Static e-invitation is an E-invitation which is in jpg format, with many inserts based on the events planned.
  2. GIF invitation format is for image files that supports both animated and static images.
  3. Invitations as video has a great impact and contains less information that is required and important.

Classification on the basis of purpose

Traditionally printed Invitations were used, nowadays E Invitations are being preferred by the younger generations and a switch is seen towards being cost effective. E-Wedding Invitations are used for a variety of purposes. Depending upon the types of E-Invitations it can be classified as bachelorette party Invites, Bridal shower Invitations, save the date invitations, reception Invitations,etc. For all these purposes a static e-invite or an animated one may be used. For virtual invitations, a fancy animated digital invite is a great way to invite your friends and acquaintances for a party. For kid’s birthday parties e-Invitations make this job more adorable by sending animated cartoon invitations in a way that is loveable by the kids. Baby shower is a ceremony to mark the transformation of a woman into a mother. A fancy animated digital invitation is made to invite people to the party that will make this moment into a cost effective nostalgic memory.

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