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Guide To Wedding Favours

Planning a wedding is a complicated and long drawn out process? When the family is tied up with booking big things like wedding venue and catering, the small details can get slipped past. Wedding favours are small, meaningful gifts given to wedding guests by the bride and groom as a token of thanks for being a part of the wedding celebration and blessing the couple. It is a well-known tradition that can help elevate the temperament of the celebration. Being from any part of the country, couples that gave their guests wedding favours were seen as lucky souls imparting their good fortune upon others. It remains a popular custom in Indian weddings. Favours also serve as a memento of your wedding. Many guests like to keep their wedding favour or the favour box as a keepsake. The possibilities are endless when choosing a wedding favour that your guests will love. Finalising the guest list is the first and most important step towards working on wedding favours based on the age group. Further, there could be two types of favours- one for the close friends and family members while another, for the other guests that could include distant family and colleagues. Personalised wedding favours are functional and forms a part of memento that is both useful and popular. For couples looking to go the eco-friendly route plant in seeds for succulents in mini pots, decked with initials. Incorporate personalization in the bags of goodies like coffee, cookies, tied with custom illustrated gift tags.

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