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Card-Making is the craft of hand-making greeting cards. Many people with interests in allied crafts such as scrapbooking and stamping have begun to use their skills to start making handmade cards. This has contributed to card-making become a popular hobby. It is an art to put your thoughts on a sheet of paper and give some life so that they are portrayed beautifully. Also the aesthetically written and designed piece of paper gives a good impression to anybody’s eyes.


Every occasion in life is celebrated, so is it documented on cards like wedding card, house warming invitation cards, birthday greeting card, new year eve’s card, anniversary card, father’s day card, mother’s day card, daughter’s day card, woman’s day card, children’s day card, teacher’s day card, festival celebration card and many more as the list goes on. Every card has got its own uniqueness as life goes on. Right from the birth till the death, there are various occasions in one’s life, so there are the bunch of cards that get piled up when looked behind.

The art of card making is not very easy. Hence, there are artists who make their living by designing cards. These artists are well trained professionals who customise the card as per the choice of the client. The great art of making greeting cards is not limited to Hilary Knight who is also a famous prolific illustrator of children’s books, magazines and theatre posters. The school going kids are also encouraged to make cards on their own for every occasion as their creative skills tend to improve which take the form.

Hallmark Cards, Inc is the largest greeting card manufacturer in the world. American Greetings is the competitor of Hallmark Cards Inc. These are the largest manufacturers of greeting cards in the world. The Bank cards like debit and credit cards are also printed for the users along with their name and other credentials. The visiting cards for the business people are personalised accordingly and sold by many companies. Thus, making cards generates much revenue for many stationaries.

There are playing cards apart from greeting cards. The playing cards are also customised as per the client needs. Children enjoy playing with such cards and have fun. The adults too enjoy playing cards which are printed artistically.

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