Eco-Friendly Cards

It is our responsibility to save mother Earth from all sorts of pollution. Let it be air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, light pollution, thermal pollution, radioactive contamination, plastic pollution, acid rain, carbon monoxide pollution, industrial waste, oil spill and photochemical smog. Cards are a kind of memory that many of us store and accommodate in a secret place at home.

But when they are built up in a lot many piles, one needs to discard them. There starts a new problem of dumping of cards and there is a need to develop environment friendly removal of cards. It is the need of the hour to manufacture eco-friendly cards that will not harm our ecosystem and balances the form of life. Thus began making of cards from wood which is easily decomposable instead of plastics which take years together to decompose.

It’s been decades that man switched to nature friendly manufacture of invitation cards, wedding cards, birthday greeting cards and all other kind of cards. Even the paper that we use today is made of wood which is recyclable within a short span of time. Awareness of using eco-friendly cards has to be developed to avoid unnecessary pollution on our planet.

Some sects of tribal people in the deep forests made a practice of planting a tree whenever a child is born instead of greeting through cards. It is a very wise and diplomatic nature of theirs to plant a sapling whenever a new born child arises in their family. Thus, afforestation is supported in the era of deforestation where real estate is booming and more forests are depleted. Many natural resources are polluted by man under the name of development but our stand is no where except to cut our own arms. Save nature and let the future generations stay safe.

Saving the planet doesn’t mean to avoid making cards, but make eco-friendly cards that are made out of easily decomposable materials. Now a days, seed cards are sold in the market which means cards are accompanied with a seed of the receiver’s favourite plant. So the receiver sows the seed and when the sapling grows into an adult plant or tree, the branch of it is hanged with the greeting card that the giver has gifted. It shows a lot of emotion than sending an artificially made card and the bond is long-lasting forever until unless the tree is cut. None wishes to remove the trees that are grown up emotionally along with the person who sowed its seed and worshiped it as god.

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