Changes In Invitation Card

Occasions that celebrate life and the glory of life have been going on since time immemorial. The idea of a wedding forever remains as the social bonding of two individuals in the presence or blessings of society. Tradition has undergone major transformation but the sacredness of the institution of wedding remains. With change from traditional to modernity, the concept of invitation cards has not seen an alteration. Invitation card design set the tone and expectations for the guests. They convey the formality or informality of the event, as well as the theme and purpose of the event. By sending invitations, the people tend to feel more inclusive and special and it can help create a sense of community and foster familial relationships. Invites in Middle India in older times were sent by the family, visiting them physically and gave them yellow rice as an auspicious symbol that initiates wedding. Then came a shift of idea to sending lagan Patrika as a form of invite.

There is still a conventional way of inviting people with modern day solutions. As before, mails were sent with lagan patrika to distant relatives. But with advancement in technology nowadays anyone from anywhere can be a part of the rituals. Also with the coming up of e cards, the world is at the same interface. People send invitations from one place to another within seconds, miles away. The method of inviting people made the process much easier to execute. Printed invitation cards has also seen much evolution towards the years. The font, design, paper and pattern are all different from traditional times. Engraving, lithography, thermograph, letterpress printing, blind embossing, compression plate process, or offset printing are some printing styles different from middle ages handwritten invitation cards designs. Simple words have turned into poetry and prose and timings, venue as well as dress code are specified. Wedding and its implementation may have undergone various changes but the bond and the feeling of it being a big day still holds values and customs close to heart. The technological advancement makes everything easy keeping the tradition at standstill.

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